Koh Lanta Attractions

Saladan or Baan Saladan

at the north end of Koh Lanta Yai, Salada is a village is the hub of banks, diving schools, travel agencies, mini-marts and restaurants scattering about.  Here are both the pier of car ferry for visitors from Krabi and the pier of boat ferry from Ao Nang and Koh Phi Phi.



 Lanta Old Town Village

The picturesque old capital town is definitely worth visiting for a glimpse into the island's past.  The Chinese style timber shop house date back 100 years when it became the commercial center for the island's fishermen and farmers.  At the center of town are the monument of Majesty Kom Luang Chumpor Ket U Domsak, Koh Lanta's founder and first formal officers.


 Jungle Trekking

Tham Khao(Cave) Mai Kaew:
A great break from the beach is a trip to this complex of caves in the centre of Koh Lanta Yai.  The adventure begins when you descend through a small, indistinct hole in the rocks and enter the series of diverse caverns.  Some sections are as large as church halls, others require you to squeeze through on hands and knees. Sights en route include impressive stalactites and stalagmites, bats and even a cavern pool that you can swim in.

Entrace to Khao Mai Kaew Cave

Waterfall Walk
Take Koh Lanta's waterfall walk and enjoy the magical sight of fresh, clear spring waters gushing down the mountain.  During dry spells the flow reduces to somewhat, but the one hour, uphill walk near to Klong Jark Beach follows the stream and is not too strenuous.  It's certainly worth the slight exertion to swim in the cool, refreshing rock pool situated at the bottom of the waterfall.


 Kor Kwang Beach (Deer Neck)

at the northernmost tip of the island, getting off from the main road. Nowadays, it is on to a dirt road but don't despair because the reward is soft white sand and warm water; with only a smattering of small resorts.  Visitors from nearby hotels on Klong Dao may walk around here occasionally but tend not to wander far, so Kor Kwang is another sport to keep on the quite beach list.  It is also one of the best beaches in Koh Lanta to watch the sunset.

Kor Kwang or Deer Neck Beach


 Klong Dao Beach

The most popular beach in Koh Lanta. Klong Dao Beach is a children-friendly beach thanks to its shallow water, low tides and spotless sand and is perfect for swimming. When the sea level is lower, the stretch of the beach widens and becomes great for beach side sports such as volleyball-it also forms a great natural morning running track. The 3-km beach is currently one of the most developed beaches on the island now-the number of high-end resorts has increased in recent years, joining the family owned bungalows and other middle-range and budget hotels.  Twenty of the largest and most well known resorts, many with air-conditioned bungalows, swimming pools and hot water are dotted along this beach, interspersed with charming, inexpensive Thai-Style bungalows.

Klong Dao Beach


 Pra Ae Beach (Long Beach)

Just south of Klong Dao and equally as popular.  Its stunning crescent of pristine white sands some 4 kms long, takes your breath away with its beauty. The beach is steeper and the water less sheltered than at Klong Dao, which makes for safe yet spectacular swimming for adults. Many resorts have settled down on Pra Ae Beach for quite some time, while vacant lands are still visible as tropical forests spread down to the beach.  A few high-end resorts have moved in and it appears many more are set to come.

Long Beach or Pra Ae Beach


 Klong Khong Beach

With 2km length of the white sand beach with some small rocks scattering around.  Nearby, there is a small canal so called "Klong Khong". Comparing the above two beaches, it is slightly less popular.  Coconut trees and tropical greenery stretch along the shoreline, offering tiny charming corners for picnics and sunbathing.  Its true swimming is not possible everywhere but there are enough points for swimmers to easily dip into the warm and clear water or even snorkel for small discoveries of marine life.  Visitors who seek tranquility choose this beach to lay back in the small resorts and bungalows, which are cheaper.

Sunset at Klong Khong Beach


 Klong Toab Beach

smaller beach next to Klong Khong with a feature of a golden sandy beach.  Some part are rocky, but it is set to become more exclusive as a luxurious resort has just moved in.  Klong Toab Beach is quite wide with good shade and good for swimming in some areas.  It is the last beach on the main road before turning left along the main road. Next to Klong Toab Beach, the road will be smaller along the beach on the west side.

Klong Toab Beach


 Klong Nin Beach

Small-sized beach with local small tree called "Lam Jieak" different from other beach. Sand beach with some small rocked, suite for swimming, but some parts in the sea are quite steeper.  Not so crowded, and near Laem Tanode and Tham Khao Mai Kaew. Klong Nin Beach has a variety of small local bars with simple decorations and warm atmosphere.  Resorts offering bungalows are scattered up and down the beach, ranging from simple, inexpensive family accommodation to more upscale pool and spa resorts.


Klong Nin Beach


 Klong Hin Beach

Klong Hin Beach is a small calm shore with rocky and sandy beach. It has less accommodation and entertainment than the northern beaches.  It offers prime soft sand and a relaxing atmosphere.  Those who stay at other beaches should drop by for a picnic or a short swim as Klong Hin provides some natural beauty and wilderness.

Klong Hin Beach


 Nui Beach

It takes some dedication and adventure seeking to get to Nui Beach from the main road as the trail to get to this small beach is high from the hill. Just follow the sign that will lead you into the jungle. A bit of trekking is required but there is nothing to worry about as the tropical footpath is clearly marked. Once there, you’ll discover an un-crowded tiny half moon bay—perfect for sunbathing and swimming in private. The unspoilt blue lagoon may not be children-friendly as the wind is strong and the tides are high. But adults should find this beach a hidden heaven within the island.



 Ba Kan Tieng Beach

Surrounded by the high moutains of Koh Lanta's National park, Ba Kan Tieng Beach is a fabulous stretch of shimmering white sands with excellent clear swimming waters.  Just a kilometer long, this small beach is covered with tropical trees enhancing the "desert island" feel and ensuring real privacy.  There are a few resorts on Ba Kan Tieng Beach making accommodation really secluded and also perfect for water-sport activities.

Bakan Tieng Beach


 Ao Nui Beach

Next to Bakantiang, the road changes to a dirt road in 5 km length leading to Mu Ko Lanta National Park. It is difficult to come around this area and you will need a good quality four wheel drive vehicle or a bike if you’re a really good rider. From this part onwards there are basically bungalows and some middle-range establishments on offer. To get to Ao Nui Beach, you have to climb down the hill and do some jungle trekking again, but the hill is closer to the beach than the previous Nui Beach. This beach is a small bay—some people call it Nui Bay for that matter—charming soft golden sand, calm emerald green water. If natural beauty is what you’re looking for, it’s worth stopping by.

Nui Bay


 Klong Jaak Beach

It is hidden from the tropical green hills and coconut trees. The fabulous stretch of white sand and the scenic landscape make this beach an excellent place to stay for a long holiday. Budgeted bungalows and resorts disperse by the beach—during the high season they are fully booked so it’s recommended to make reservations well in advance. These accommodations tend to close down during the green season to renovate, fix and repair the rooms and prepare for the next high season. If you choose to be around here, it means you have no interest to go elsewhere too often due to the bumpy road.



 Bamboo Bay (Last Beach)

It is the last beach on the east side before the national marine park. A slightly curved beach around five hundred meters long, with lovely white sand and clear waters.  Swimming is suitable here when the tide is not too deep.  The northern part of this beach has rock pools where it's possible to snorkel and watch the fish.  The beach extremely private and feels cast away from the outside world. There are a few basic resorts here. Booking accommodation in advance with private transfer is recommended.

Sunset at Last Beach Resort


 Ta Nod Beach and Lighthouse

It is the end spot of the island, actually looking more a cape than a beach. Some call "Laem Ta Nod" meaning Ta Nod Cape.  Ta Nod Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches, delightful and tranquil beach.  Visitors come here to see the Lighthouse, the symbol of Koh Lanta like I did. It 's hardly to find any visitors here because of the dirt and sloppy road to go.  Once you are here, don't miss to climb up to the Lighthouse and take a photo.  Sunset here is unique and second to none. Far-view island from this spot is Koh Ngai. There is no resort here as it is in the national park area.

LightHouse at Tanod Cave


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