How to get to Koh Lanta

  • By Air

    • Nowadays, many airlines are landing on Krabi. TG flies from Bangkok to Krabi daily.  The flight time is 1 hr 20 mins. Return ticket prices start from 6460 Bht incl airport tax and insurance.

      Tiger Airways (tel:+662-206-2222) has two direct flights from Singapore on odd days.

      During the high season (Nov - Apr) Nova Air flies direct to Krabi from  Stockholm every Wednesday.  Flight time is about 10 hours.

      Thai Air Asia is set to begin a daily flight from Bangkok on 1st Mar 06.

      Koh KradanKoh Mook - morakot cave

      From Krabi Airport Onwards

      There are several ways to get to Koh Lanta from Krabi Airport (Tel:+6675 636-545-9).  The adventure seekers are recommended to rend a car from Krabi Airport as there are many different cars to choose from.  Car Rental companies: Avis tel +662 251 1131-2 or Budget +662 203-9200.  To get a better car or luxury one, you have to reserve in advance.  However, due to some path is a dirty and sloppy, four wheel drive is the most suitable.  You have to make sure to having credit line available at least 30,000Bht for guarantee and payment.

      Distance from Krabi to Koh Lanta is approx 70 kms. About 1 hrs from Krabi to Hua Hin pier (Car Ferry Pier).  Fee is about 100 Bht/car and 20 Bht/persons from Hua Hin Pier to Saladan.  You may see the Koh Lanta Map, actually you have to take 2 piers: Hua Hin Pier to Khaung Mak Pier (Koh Lanta Noi) and drive about 8 kms on Koh Lanta Noi to Langsod Pier, then taking the other car ferry to Saladan Pier.  From Saladan Pier, you are able to drive along the road, along the beach to the last beach at the end of the island, but not to the Head Quarter of the National Marine Park.  During my survey time on Apr 06, the road has not yet been ready for cars from Ba Kan Tiang Beach to the end of the island, unless you have a 4-wheel drive.

      In case you don't rent a car, each resort will arrange private transfer from Krabi Airport for you.

      For a more affordable transfer, please contact:, the fee is about 2800 Bht/trip by a van (max 9 persons).

  • Private Car:

  • From Bangkok
    The distance from Bangkok to Krabi is approx 950 kms or about 12 hrs by car.
    Route 1: Phetburi - Prachuabkirikhan - Chumporn - Phang Nga - Krabi = 946 kms.
    Route 2: Phetburi - Prachuabkirikhan - Chumporn (Highway No 41) to Chaiya (Suratthani) - Krabi (Viangsra) - Highway No 4035 - Krabi (Ao Luk) and along Highway 4 again = 814 kms.

  • From Phuket
    The distance from Phuket to Krabi is 176 kms along Highway No 402 and 4, about 2 hrs.

  • By Sea:

  • From Krabi:
    Visitors can travel from Krabi to Koh Lanta via ferry during high season (Nov - Apr).  The ferry departs from Klong Chi Lard Pier, which is about five kms from downtown Krabi.  The ferry departs at 11 am and arrives at Saladan Pier on Koh Lanta 1pm.  The return trip to Krabi at 8am. There is no ferry during low season (May - Oct).

  • From Phuket:
    There are no direct regular ferries from Phuket to Krabi but it's possible for you to charter a boat from Phi Phi or Ao Nang. Ex: departing from Phuket at 8am to Koh Phi Phi at 11:30am charting another ferry at Koh Phi Phi (Tonsai Bay Pier) to Koh Lanta at 3:00pm.

  • From Koh Phi Phi:
    About 3 hrs from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta.  During high season, there are two trips from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta: 11:30am and 1pm.

  • By Air-Conditioned Bus

  • From Bangkok:
    Daily bus services are available from the Southern Bus Terminal (tel: +662 434-7192, +662-434-7862) in Boromratchchonni Road in Thonburi.  The trip takes about 12 hrs.  The fares about 710 Bht.  The schedules are 6pm and 6:30 pm.

  • From Phuket:
    The trip from Phuket to Krabi takes at least 3 to 4 hrs.  There are buses daily leaving from Phuket.

Timetable: Southern Bus Terminal
Air-Conditioned Buses Telephone Bangkok-Krabi Time (hrs) Krabi-Bangkok Time (hrs)

Lignite Co., Ltd. [First Class Air Con] 38 Seat One Way 580 Bht Rountrip 1,160 Bht

Bangkok Office: +662 8845767
+662 435 7428

Krabi Office:
+6675 612 847
+6675 611 601


Ferry Schedules
Valid November 2005 - April 2006

Krabi - Railay - Koh Lanta
Depart Krabi Arrive Railay Depart Railay Arrive Lanta Pier
11:00 11:15 11:15 13:00 Ao Nang Beach
Koh Lanta - Railay - Krabi
Depart Lanta Arrive Railay Depart Railay Arrive Krabi Pier
13:30 15:15 15:15 15:30 Ao Nang Beach
Koh Lanta - Koh Phi Phi - Phuket
Depart Lanta Arrive Phi Phi Depart Phi Phi Arrive Phuket Pier
08:00 09:15 09:15 11:30 Ratsada
13:00 14:10 14:30 16:30 Ratsada
Phuket - Koh Phi Phi - Koh Lanta
Depart Phuket Arrive Phi Phi Depart Phi Phi Arrive Lanta Pier
08:30 10:30 11:30 12:45 Ratsada
13:30 15:30 15:30 16:45 Ratsada
Phuket - Ao Nang - Koh Lanta
Depart Phuket Arrive Ao Nang Depart Aonang Arrive Lanta Pier
08:30 10:30 11:00 13:00 Ratsada
Koh Lanta - Ao Nang - Phuket
Depart Lanta Arrive Ao Nang Depart Ao Nang Arrive Phuket Pier
13:30 15:30 15:30 17:15 Ratsada
Krabi - Koh Jum - Koh Lanta
Depart Krabi Arrive Jum Depart Jum Arrive Lanta Pier
10:30 11:45 11:45 12:30 Khlong Chilat
13:30 14:45 14:45 15:30 Khlong Chilat
Koh Lanta - Koh Jum - Krabi
Depart Lanta Arrive Jum Depart Jum Arrive Krabi Pier
08:00 08:45 08:45 10:00 Khlong Chilat
13:00 13:45 13:45 15:00 Khlong Chilat


It is hard to forecast weather condition, so the ferry schedule may change from time to time.  Thus the above ferry schedule will be slightly changed each year.

Koh Lanta -From Koh Lanta - Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phi Phi - Koh Lanta, pls contact Lanta Petpailin Co., Ltd. +6675-684428 to update ferry schedule. 

Koh Lanta  to Koh Phi Phi
08:00 hrs to 11:30 hrs
13:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs (this schedule will be cancelled on May 2, 06 due to poor weather condition).

Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta
11:30 hrs to 15:00 hrs

In May 06, there is no ferry from Krabi and Ao Nang to Koh Lanta due to poor weather condition.


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